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Geneo Glo2 Facial

Ready to unlock your skin's natural radiance? Step into Village Skin Studio and discover the innovative power of Geneo facial treatments.

This revolutionary technology goes beyond traditional facials, combining three powerful technologies to deliver deep exfoliation, oxygen infusion, and nutrient absorption for a healthy, glowing complexion.

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  • 1. Exfoliation

    A patented Capsulon™ tip gently buffs away dead skin cells, leaving a smooth canvas for optimal absorption.

  • 2. Oxygen Infusion

    Gentle CO2 bubbles activate the skin's natural oxygenation process, creating a more receptive environment for nutrient absorption.

  • 3. Nutrient Absorption

    Personalized serums infused with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants penetrate deeply into the revitalized skin, nourishing and targeting your specific concerns.

  • Achieve A Radiant, Healthy Glow

    Oxygenated skin is happy skin, and it shows! Geneo facials reveal a naturally luminous complexion.

  • Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

    Plumped and hydrated skin smooths out fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful look.

  • Minimize Enlarged Pores And Uneven Skin Tone

    Say goodbye to pore-blems and hello to a refined, even-toned complexion.

  • Combat Acne And Blemishes

    Geneo facials can help reduce inflammation and promote clearer skin.

  • Boost Collagen Production

    This essential protein keeps skin firm and elastic. Geneo's oxygen infusion gives collagen a natural boost.

Who is Geneo for?

This versatile treatment is perfect for anyone looking to:

  • Improve overall skin health and radiance
  • Address fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimize the appearance of pores and uneven skin tone
  • Combat acne and blemishes
  • Boost collagen production

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Ready to unlock your skin's radiant potential?

Book your free consultation at Village Skin Studio today, and let's craft a personalized Geneo facial journey just for you. I'm here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your experience is tailored to your unique needs and goals.


Does the Geneo Glo2 facial hurt?

The treatment is gentle and relaxing. You may feel a slight tingling sensation from the CO2 bubbles, but most clients describe it as refreshing and invigorating.

How often should I have Geneo Glo2 facials?

We recommend a series of 4-6 weekly treatments for optimal results, followed by monthly maintenance treatments.

What are the different Geneo serums?

We offer a variety of serums targeting specific concerns like hydration, anti-aging, acne, and brightening. We'll personalize your treatment with the perfect serum for your skin.

How much does a Geneo Glo2 facial cost?

Our Geneo Glo2 facial pricing starts at $195 per treatment. We also offer package options for optimal results and cost-effectiveness.